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Buying your new home is a serious venture. It can be an absolute pleasure or a massive headache. Your house is not just your home...


Selling your home can be an emotional experience. There are feelings of excitement, uncertainty...


We are Real Estate Investors who provide quality real estate investing opportunities; we find those awesome...

About Me

After living all over the world in locales from Italy to California, Jimmy moved to Colorado in 2015 and never looked back. Being an outdoorsy and fitness enthusiast, Jimmy fell in love with this beautiful state’s endless number of activities, health focused culture and diversity. And officially called it a home by buying his first home within few months of living here….

Jimmy Chugh
  • (720) 729-0900
  • LICENSE: FA100088135
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    Jimmy isn't just a realtor, he is a DREAM MAKER! Without his help, we could have never bought the home of our dreams! He went far above and beyond to help us not only find it but make sure we could afford it. Long before we began searching for a house to buy, his crews (yes, he has entire crews) renovate our current house while

    we were out of town for several weeks. We came back to an almost new house and it would sell for top dollar when the time came. Then he guided us through the loan process so we got maximum equity loans. This meant we could buy without a contingency sale, which is a must in a competitive market. Finally he guided me through the components of a house payment (loan + insurance) to make sure I got the absolute best rates and could afford our new home. Now he is not our agent, he is family. Jimmy knows ALL the tips and tricks to buying and selling houses that other agents only wished they knew! I cannot recommend him enough.

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    Sumit Sarkar

    The best realtor that my husband and I have met. Lyon Homes helped us through the entire process. Selling our old property to them and buying our new home was fast and easy. They took the time to look for the perfect house as we told them what we were looking for. I really recommend it to everyone who is trying to buy any type of property, Lyon Homes will make it work. All I can say is Thank you Lyon Homes for your help and dedication.

    Elda Campos

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